"Round up the usual suspects"

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            Casablanca, had many great actors and actresses. Most of them we know. However there are a few actors and actresses with bit parts that I have not been able to identify. Some of the names I have not been able to identify with a face are Leon Belasco, Monte Blue, Franco Corsaro, George J. Lewis, Michael Mark and Leo Mostovoy. Below are the faces I have not been able to give a name to. One I have identified as Paul panzer (after watching Mildred Pierce). If you know who they might be, please let me know. I want to add them to my site. There are more that I have to get and post here. Help me if you can!

Here are seven from the 'Round Up the Usual Suspects' scene
(interesting ties they have in the Warner Bros. wardrobe department)

Actor 1 Actor 2 Actor 3 actor
            Actor 1                            Actor 2                            Actor 3                        Actor 4

actor actor actor
            Actor 5                            Actor 6                      Actor 7 

Here are four employees of Rick's

Actor 4 Actor 5 Actor 6 waiter            Actor 8                            Actor 9                            Actor 10                         Actor 11
                                                                                        (Identified: Paul Panzer)

Actor 37
Actor 38
(roulette dealer)
Actor 37
(trumpet player)
Actor 40
(trombone player)
Actor 50
(bartender - same as #37?)

Here are 11 members of the local police

actor 4 actor Actor 9
Actor 12                            Actor 13                            Actor 14
                                (these are the two policeman who arrest and then shot Wolfgang Zilzer)    (this is one of the policeman that arrest Ugarte)                            

Actor 10 Actor 11 Actor 8  
Actor 15                            Actor 16                            Actor 17
                      (policeman who works in Renault's office)          (policman at airport)                               (policeman in Rick's Cafe)

police police police police
                    Actor 18                        Actor 19            Actor 20                     Actor 21
                       (policeman driving car)                                                                       

             Actor 22                Actor 23         Actor 24         Actor 41               Actor 42
                                          (these two show up to arrest Ugarte)

Actor 43
(could this be the same actor as #41?)

Some of the unknown German officers

  actor actor Actor 12
               Actor 25          Actor 26            Actor 27                      Actor 44            Actor 45

Actor 46
(Actor 25 & 26 are from the airport scene and could be the same as one of the others who are all from the 'Wacht am Rhine" scene

Here are customers and conspirators, waiters and merchants

 actor 13 actor 14 actor 15
          Actor 28                          Actor 29                         Actor 30                       Actor 31          
                                                                                                                                                                          (maybe George Lewis?)


            Actor 32              Actor 33               Actor 34                        Actor 35         Actor 36

                                    Actor 47                  Actor 48                     Actor 49

Here are some of the faces from Paris

                Actor 37                  Actor 38               Actor 39                        Actress 9
            (Parisian newsman)               (bartender)                  (at the train station)                  (in the streets of Paris)

Here are some of the unknown actresses

actress 1 actress actress 2 
            Actress 1                            Actress 2                        Actress 3              Actress 4

actress actress
                        Actress 5               Actress 6         Actress 7            Actress 8
                                                                                                    (actress 7 is in background)

Actress 10

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