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Danial at Lake Placid
Damian, Danial, Justin and Aunt Debbie Damian & Nora at Mamma Mia's
Daniel taking the drop
Lake Placid - 2003
Damian, Daniel and Justin with Aunt Debbie
Christmas - 2003
Damian & Nora at Mamma Mia's
at the Winter Garden in NYC

Damian skiing
Liam in New York
Damian catching some air
at White Face Mountain near Lake Placid
March 2003
Ryan carrying the puck with the
Hudson Catholic Hawks - 2003
Liam in New York City
October 2003

Damian on bass
Ryan's grad pic Dan and Aunt Debbie
Damian playing bass
at Battle of the Bands - 2006
Ryan with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Frank
Horace Mann graduation - 1999
Daniel, the Mets fan,
and Aunt Debbie at Christmas

Damian in pre-goalie days
Liam at Bronx Zoo
Damian in his
pre-goalie days
with Coach (Uncle) Frank
Liam with Brian Fogu at
the Bronx Zoo
Daniel and Justin at our BBQ
Justin is cooking!
Daniel is eating!

Ryan at Green Monster Dan at the art show Damian with guitar
Ryan near the Green Monster
in Fenway Park

Daniel with his art
Hudson Catholic Art Show - 2006
Damian with one of the
oversized guitars in Cleveland - 2002

Damian with ice cream
Ryan with Bro. Matt

Damian enjoying his ice cream
Ryan with Bro. Matt

Christmas Ryan in Boston
Damian with Abe
Damian & Justin with Uncle Frank
Christmas - 1999
Ryan and Uncle Frank have some prime rib
  at Durgin Park in Boston
Damian with Abraham Lincoln
in Washington D.C. - 2001

Damian at Christmas crab legs Little League
Liam at Christmas
Daniel enjoying his crab legs
Christmas - 2004
Liam swinging the lumber in the
Bayonne Little League - 1998

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