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Damian and Liam
Dan in the sink
Justin with Harry - 2005
Liam and Damian at Christmas - 1997
Daniel in the sink - 1998
Justin with Harry - 2005

Daniel with his 'new' Giants jacket
new chest protecter
Damian Christmas
Daniel with his 'new' Giants jacket
Christmas - 2004
Justin with his 'new' chest protector
Christmas - 2004
Damian with his 'new' guitar shapped
CD holder - Christmas - 2004

Damian Dan and Grandma
Damian in net
Lake Placid - 2003
Daniel and Grandma

Damian & Liam All-Star_Danial Iguana crossing
Ryan, Damian and Statue of Liberty
Damian and Liam
at Christmas - 1998
Daniel the All-Star Justin with his
Iguana Crossing sign
Labor Day BBQ - 2000
Ryan and Damian at
the Statue of Liberty

Danial Lucas Liam
Damian at Geno's Steaks in
Philadelphia - 2003
Daniel's graduation picture
from Horace Mann - 2004
Liam on ice

Ryan at Scranton
Christmas 2006
Justin and Aunt Debbie
Ryan in the playoffs with
the Scranton Royals

Justin, Daniel, Ryan and Damian
with Aunt Debbie and Harry
Christmas Eve - 2005
Justin and Aunt Debbie going to
see the New Jersey Devils

USS Olympia
Damian at Niagara
Damian next to the U.S.S. Olympia
in Philadelphia
Daniel lugging the puck up ice
at the Garden State Games
Damian at the edge of
Niagara Falls - 2004

Damian on bass
Justin Damian pumping gas
Damian playing his new guitar at his
graduation party - July 4, 2004
Damian pumping gas in Delaware

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